Road trip through Israel: From hummus and three seas

Israel. For some time I wanted to explore this country, two good friends had decided to take a road trip there. I jumped right on board and got on very short notice booked my flight. From Helsinki Kiev to Tel Aviv with Ukrainian International Airlines.

Why Israel? Not to be dismissed out of hand: Israel has so much to offer: Blatant historical story, fascinating culture, sensational landscapes, three seas (Medium, Red & Dead).

Since Mr.and Mrs. Backpacker must go once in a lifetime there they are already out.
Our road trip route through Israel

We had 10 days of our road trip – a little anyway. Although Israel is not large, we knew that it would be useless to try to see the north AND the south. Thus, we decided from arrival in Tel Aviv for a corner – the south plus Dead Sea and Jerusalem. Why? We really wanted in the desert. We wanted to check out the Red Sea. That it for now again with our planning. With so little time I might now make it a little more sophisticated.

Tel Aviv

I had already heard a lot about this city on the Mediterranean and repeatedly met other Israelis from there to travel – but that the city has such a cool, cosmopolitan vibe, and a sensational beach right outside the front door. How have checked in a beachfront hotel directly on the beach. Except for the view when standing up and the cool roof terrace with sea view, but I would not spend the night there again. The Staff was sometimes are quite rude, Wifi does not work as good as our 3 room mega he was small, and somehow everything was somewhat carelessly at the hostel. But as I said, the location is obviously unfortunately still up for it.

Hostel Alternatives: Hayarkon 48 and Florentine Backpackers. Saudoof was that our two days fell directly on the Sabbath, and thus not much was going on in the city itself. Still, it was cool entlangzuflanieren the beach promenade to explore the old town of Jaffa and nice cafes to discover small side streets.

Hot Tip: The hummus at Abu Hassan in Jaffa: Old Swede is cool and addictive.

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