3 Tips for Better Wing Shooting

You decided to choose wing shooting in Bulgaria, for most enjoyable adventure you better come prepared. Here are 3 tips, they will help you in perfecting the hunt and to return from it satisfied with the great success.

Let’s start with an introduction to the subject matter itself. Many things of what hunters can do on the ground are based on experience. There are, however, some important details that are related to the preparation, with the individual way everyone goes hunting, takes care of their equipment, and strives to become a better hunter.

Whether you knee-deep in water, hunt ducks, hide behind a tree to surprise a grouse, or move for hours on open fields in search of a special bird, you must have the perfect shotgun. Is your shotgun perfect? Experts say you do not just trust the “factory settings” of the weapons. Yes, it is true that most shotguns work well but depending on the hunt you might need a different approach. Check your shotgun first. It can show a great deviation to the left or right, and that’s not good when you’re hunting for birds. To correct inaccuracies, you can contact a gun specialist.

A good tip, which is also recommended by quite experienced hunters, is to rehearse at home. Of course you will not shoot your mother-in-law or aim at the stars from your balcony. The idea is to improve your shooting without even firing a single bullet. This is achieved by training for agility, flexibility, mobility, and all the qualities required for better wing shooting in Bulgaria. There are ways to improve your stance by practicing in front of the mirror, and even improving your accuracy. Here how it goes!

Select a reflected point in the mirror. Stare at it, to fix it. Close your eyes and very fast mount the weapon. Now open your eyes and see where the barrel is pointing. Did you manage to ‘hit’ the fixed point? Depends on the answer weather to rehearse or not.

The third tip is about the mental approach. You have to be balanced out in the hunting hours. Otherwise, the birds may fly before your eyes and you will not be able to hit a single one. That is why it is very important how you approach the hunt. The previous night also matters, the conversations with friends and colleagues who will be with you on the hunting field. So when you know you are hunting you can do your special concentration exercises that will support you in the difficult moments of hunting. It happened to many experienced hunters to drop the flying bird because they missed one a little earlier. Your thoughts should focus on perfectionism, a tight look at the horizon, a ready position, and a balanced mind. Welcome to your wing shooting in Bulgaria!

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