3 Tips for Better Wing Shooting

You decided to choose wing shooting in Bulgaria, for most enjoyable adventure you better come prepared. Here are 3 tips, they will help you in perfecting the hunt and to return from it satisfied with the great success.

Let’s start with an introduction to the subject matter itself. Many things of what hunters can do on the ground are based on experience. There are, however, some important details that are related to the preparation, with the individual way everyone goes hunting, takes care of their equipment, and strives to become a better hunter.

Whether you knee-deep in water, hunt ducks, hide behind a tree to surprise a grouse, or move for hours on open fields in search of a special bird, you must have the perfect shotgun. Is your shotgun perfect? Experts say you do not just trust the “factory settings” of the weapons. Yes, it is true that most shotguns work well but depending on the hunt you might need a different approach. Check your shotgun first. It can show a great deviation to the left or right, and that’s not good when you’re hunting for birds. To correct inaccuracies, you can contact a gun specialist.

A good tip, which is also recommended by quite experienced hunters, is to rehearse at home. Of course you will not shoot your mother-in-law or aim at the stars from your balcony. The idea is to improve your shooting without even firing a single bullet. This is achieved by training for agility, flexibility, mobility, and all the qualities required for better wing shooting in Bulgaria. There are ways to improve your stance by practicing in front of the mirror, and even improving your accuracy. Here how it goes!

Select a reflected point in the mirror. Stare at it, to fix it. Close your eyes and very fast mount the weapon. Now open your eyes and see where the barrel is pointing. Did you manage to ‘hit’ the fixed point? Depends on the answer weather to rehearse or not.

The third tip is about the mental approach. You have to be balanced out in the hunting hours. Otherwise, the birds may fly before your eyes and you will not be able to hit a single one. That is why it is very important how you approach the hunt. The previous night also matters, the conversations with friends and colleagues who will be with you on the hunting field. So when you know you are hunting you can do your special concentration exercises that will support you in the difficult moments of hunting. It happened to many experienced hunters to drop the flying bird because they missed one a little earlier. Your thoughts should focus on perfectionism, a tight look at the horizon, a ready position, and a balanced mind. Welcome to your wing shooting in Bulgaria!

Things to do in Destin, Florida

Destin, in sunny Florida, is an enthusiasts dream, with gorgeous beaches, clear skies, extensive nature trails and a multitude of outward bound pursuits on offer. So you should head to Okaloosa county and see for yourself what Destin and the area has to offer. And don’t worry if you don’t have a car. Sunrise Taxi will make sure you reach your destination on time.

The peninsula on which Destin is located used to be a barrier island and, technically, is now an island again since the completion of the Choctawhatchee-West Bay Canal. Destin is situated pleasantly on Florida’s Emerald Coast, a name given due to the beautiful colours of its waters. It is these waters, and the white sand beaches that give access to them, which are the main draw for tourists to the area.

Dream the day away on one of Destin’s beaches

Beach in Destin, Florida

There are so many miles of stunning sandy beach available you will be spoiled for choice. If you like a bit of infrastructure and entertainment, head to the boardwalk at Okaloosa Island, where you will find lots of restaurants, clubs and snack bars. Nearby is the picnic spot at John Beasley Wayside Park which offers changing rooms, restrooms and vending machines. James W. Lee Country park is convenient for drivers coming off Highway 98 and offers easy access to the beach here over the dunes.

For true wildness and nature, you can go to the extensive sandy shorelines of the State Recreation Areas of Henderson Beach and Grayton Beach. The first covers 208 acres, with over 6000 feet of shore, and the second, home to some of the best beaches in the area, covers a massive 1133 acres.

Fish the emerald waters

Fishing in Destin
Destin was once a small fishing village. It still boasts an excellent fishing fleet, the largest in Florida, and claims to be the “World’s luckiest fishing village”. Why not charter a fishing boat and head out for yourself to harvest the bounty of the emerald seas?

Take to the seas

Even if fishing does not lure you, you may still wish to take to the waters. Swimming is an ever popular pastime. Or you could try a dolphin watching cruise, go sailing or rent a vacation boat. If you are feeling more energetic and would like to travel under your own steam, try a bit of kayaking or another watersport.

Take to the skies

The adventurous traveller may enjoy parasailing, or, for the ultimate in adventurous thrills, why not try skydiving in the clear blue skies? Touring the area on the ground is one thing, but if you are feeling flush, why not take the the skies in a plane or helicopter for a different take on this stunningly beautiful area.

Happy hiking

The State Recreation areas offer many hiking and trekking opportunities along extensive nature trails along beaches and through dunes, winding up through verdant greenery to rich pine forests. Whether you would like to just go for a gentle, family stroll or a longer distance trek, these picturesque parks are the perfect place. To prolong your walks, why not get close to the natural world you have come to see and camp in one of the many campsites throughout the area.

When you feel like returning to the man-made world of the city, there is plenty more to do in Destin, from golf courses to top-notch shopping and dining facilities. You will not regret booking a holiday in this pleasant part of Florida.

My dream adventure in the Galapagos: The coolest highlights!

How many synonyms I can probably find it for incredibly, beautiful, awesome, sensational and fantastic?
Not enough. Not for my dream adventure in the Galapagos Islands in November. Already long on my Bucket List, recently finally fulfilled. Every time an amazing feeling one point it tick!

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The Galapagos Archipelago is known as THE spot for stunning wildlife and unspoiled paradise islands. Darwin was not in vain so fascinated by it. No one can make you really prepare for the Galapagos until you see with your own eyes. Therefore, there was great excitement as me G Adventures offered to be very short on one of their boat cruises here. Four days of the Galapagos from island to island.

Then again chill 4 days at the beach on Isla Isabella. I’ve never been in a place where the wildlife and the beauty of the scenery was so breathtaking , and presented itself in such abundance without an end. I felt like a big zoo, except that it is not a zoo, but real nature, in animals and humans enjoy equal berechtiges existence and exist together.

A place where animals are still really in their world and are not afraid of us Homo sapiens. My new favorite animals are sea lions. This is a great view. Rießengroß. I hardly know a species that is entertaining to watch. They are everywhere in the Galapagos, tens of thousands, even on the streets in the places they depend on benches and next to cars, quite normal. I could watch them for hours.

I was swimming with sea lions,watching giant turtles and iguanas.

Road trip through Israel: From hummus and three seas

Israel. For some time I wanted to explore this country, two good friends had decided to take a road trip there. I jumped right on board and got on very short notice booked my flight. From Helsinki Kiev to Tel Aviv with Ukrainian International Airlines.

Why Israel? Not to be dismissed out of hand: Israel has so much to offer: Blatant historical story, fascinating culture, sensational landscapes, three seas (Medium, Red & Dead).

Since Mr.and Mrs. Backpacker must go once in a lifetime there they are already out.
Our road trip route through Israel

We had 10 days of our road trip – a little anyway. Although Israel is not large, we knew that it would be useless to try to see the north AND the south. Thus, we decided from arrival in Tel Aviv for a corner – the south plus Dead Sea and Jerusalem. Why? We really wanted in the desert. We wanted to check out the Red Sea. That it for now again with our planning. With so little time I might now make it a little more sophisticated.

Tel Aviv

I had already heard a lot about this city on the Mediterranean and repeatedly met other Israelis from there to travel – but that the city has such a cool, cosmopolitan vibe, and a sensational beach right outside the front door. How have checked in a beachfront hotel directly on the beach. Except for the view when standing up and the cool roof terrace with sea view, but I would not spend the night there again. The Staff was sometimes are quite rude, Wifi does not work as good as our 3 room mega he was small, and somehow everything was somewhat carelessly at the hostel. But as I said, the location is obviously unfortunately still up for it.

Hostel Alternatives: Hayarkon 48 and Florentine Backpackers. Saudoof was that our two days fell directly on the Sabbath, and thus not much was going on in the city itself. Still, it was cool entlangzuflanieren the beach promenade to explore the old town of Jaffa and nice cafes to discover small side streets.

Hot Tip: The hummus at Abu Hassan in Jaffa: Old Swede is cool and addictive.

Visiting the Hotel Palacio in Estoril

Arrival at the airport in Lisbon. I had picked up a beautiful and restful flight with the airline TAP and was at the airport. In Estoril I found a MICE Forum, that is held Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events meeting, which had invited me. The conference has booked us into the Hotel Palacio. It is located in the heart of Estoril, is a luxurious 5 -star hotel with beautiful gardens and a fantastic pool, where even James Bond swam. The hotel still exudes the atmosphere of the “Roaring twenties”.

It begins with the porter, the salons and the rooms and the hotel bar. At the time it was built 75 years ago was the Hotel Palácio “State of the Art” in elegance and luxury. Therefore, it was probably a long time residence of the royal families, rich and famous. Later the house was renovated several times and a modern 5-star hotel. In the immediate vicinity are the sandy beach of Estoril, the casino and superb golf courses. During the Second World War, the hotel bar was the meeting point of international spies.

The bar and the hotel were finally very famous by the James Bond film “On Her Majesty’s Secret” in 1969. The hotel was the scene of rotation and George Lazenby was the new 007 For the Bond producer Albert R. Broccoli everything went according to plan at last he had a new Bond actor.

However, in the middle of the shooting already occurred the first problems. Lazenby and broccoli verkrachten and for Lazenby it remained one-time use 007. Back to the hotel. The Palácio Estoril offers 161 renovated and very comfortable rooms and suites overlooking Estoril or sea views. We stayed in a beautiful junior suite and have felt very comfortable. Who wants to play golf will find a variety of ways, for example, the Estoril Golf Club, one of the oldest and most famous in the country. In addition, Marinha, Beloura or Oitavos the nearby golf courses of Quinta can be booked there. After the forum, I stayed a weekend in Portugal. The Estoril train station is only two minutes and the ride takes only 30 minutes to Lisbon.

Lisbon is always nice. I was drawn into the Alfama. Previously lived here Christian aristocrats and Jewish merchants, until the Jews were expelled from Portugal. Then add attracted sailors and longshoremen. Prostitution and crime made ​​the Alfama soon for most criminal district of Lisbon. When in 1755 the great earthquake destroyed the city, the old town remained unaffected. In fact, I discover here every time lovely little restaurants, with great wines and delicious fish. Today, however, the Mercado is still a different target on the plan because Fusão. It was opened in 2012 and the whole year will be invited here to take a culinary trip around the world: Specialties from Mozambique, Brazil, Angola, Asia and the Arab world are prepared and served in the small kiosks.

In addition, there are Portuguese delicacies, vegetarian and local food. The small restos are open on weekdays to 22 clock, even on weekends to 24 clock. Then I was quickly going to the airport, CAP does not wait for me.